Back online

Some of you might have noticed that my photo-blog was offline for the last couple of days. Reason for it – my website was hacked and was mis-used to send Spam-emails. So I had to shut it down. Now everything is clean again and I am back online.

Just for your assurance – there was no security risk for you when you had visited the website before. They just used this website to re-route spam mail to hide their origin server. For security reasons I deactivated some plug-in’s on the website.

Flee the Rain

The rain had not stopped when I woke up this morning and was still pelting on the roof. After checking the weather radar I decided to take a chance further east along the coast line where it was supposed to be better. However no improvment for the first 2 hrs on top of that along the coast line there was some stormy gusty wind which made driving quite demanding. Then after lunch brake I started to see some blue sky and the further towards Kristiansand I came the better it got.

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From one wet place to another. After the quite a wet stay at Bergen I arrived in Stavanger yesterday. Beautiful little town with a specially rebuilt or restored Old Town. Lots of wooden houses with stony streets. I walked from the campground to the town (~ 3km) and was able to take some nice pictures before it started raining again. I was lucky to have picket the only 2 dry hours that day. I assume in summertime this is a buzzing town however due to the time of the year it was rather deserted – but maybe a place to come back for.

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Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark

After a cold and very windy night on top of Dalsnibba I continued on driving towards Bergen. There is a very scenic road (55) which takes you along the boarders of the Jontunheimen Nationalpark which is home to the highest mountains in Norway. When I checked for my route I saw the scenery on the internet and I knew I had to go there however the weather was not playing for me. It was cold, foggy and raining.

Still I got some nice pictures of the Indian Summer. All the Birch trees have turned yellow in the meantime. Have a look yourself: